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Pious, BELOVED Reader, Since I perceive that our work, called, "THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE", which I published a few years ago, has been, through the grace of God, to whom be eternal praise and thanks, productive of much good to some; and God's holy word which was obscured for such a long time, has been again a little explained, through our limited talents, and as many well disposed chil­dren, requested and entreated me, diligently to revise and correct such parts as were obscured through the negligence of the printer, and which deprived the reader of the sense, I was prevailed on, and did so. In some places I made additions; ex­plained the obscure parts, corrected those that were defective, and omitted redun­dancies; the style and language I improved, in order to be better suited to aid the kind reader, and to make known and acceptable to many, the despised truth.

Not my reader, that I changed the original doctrines and contents; by no means! I have not changed, but as appears to me, improved its form, and given it more force and distinctness. Those who fear God may judge. The former, as well as this, is God's word; and all that the first teaches, this teaches also. May the Almighty, Merciful Father grant that through his grace our little work, so lightly esteemed, may produce much fruit in many thousands, Amen.


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