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Hausrath, Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte, last volume (2nd ed. 1877; E. T. 1895); Weizsäcker, Das Apostolische Zeitalter, 2nd ed. 1892 (3rd ed. unchanged; E. T. 1894 f.); Pfleiderer, Das Urchristentum, 2nd ed. 2nd vol. 1902 (E. T. 1906); in briefer form in his Entstehung des Christentums, 1905 (E. T. 1906); Wernle, Die Anfänge unsrer Religion, 2nd ed. 1904 (E. T., 1903-1).

Most akin to the fundamental points in our own conception of the Life of Jesus are: Neumann, Jesus, wer er geschichtlich war, 1904 (in Neue Pfade zum alten Gott, No. 4; Engl. transl. Jesus, A. & C. Black, 1906), and Hühn, Geschichte Jesu und der ältesten Christenheit, 1905 (which is the last part of Hühn’s Hilfsbuch zum Verständnis der Bibel, 1904-1905), both written in popular style. For separate sections see also my essays on Mt. xi. 27 (for pp. 61-66) in Protestantische Monatshefte, 1900, pp. 1-22, on the Last Supper (for pp. 117-130, 247-249, 261-269), ibid. 1899, pp. 125-153, on the empty grave of Jesus, ibid. 1908, pp. 12-29 (for pp. 130-134), and on the “Revelation” of Jn. (for pp. 218-232) my popular lecture, ibid. 1903, pp. 45-63.

[See also in the Encyclopaedia Biblica Schmiedel’s articles, JOHN SON OF ZEBEDEE, GOSPELS, 108-156, especially 131-145, MARY, SIMON PETER, 5-23, RESURRECTION, MINISTRY, §§ 1-6, and CLOPAS.

A. Wright, Synopsis of the Gospels in Greek, 1906; Stevens and Burton, A Harmony of the Gospels, 1896; S. D. Waddy, A Harmony of the Four Gospels, 1895.

O. Cone, Gospel-Criticism and Historical Christianity, 1891; The Gospel and its Earliest Interpretations, 1893; A. C. McGiffert, The 280Apostolic Age, 1897; B. W. Bacon, An Introduction to the New Testament, 1900; J. Moffatt, The Historical New Testament, 1901; P. Gardner, Exploratio Evangelica, 2nd ed. 1907.

J. J. Tayler, An attempt to ascertain the Character of the Fourth Gospel, 1867; Gloag, Introduction to Johannine Writings, 1891; J. Drummond, An Inquiry into the Character and Authorship of the Fourth Gospel, 1903; J. Warschauer, The Problem of the Fourth Gospel, 1903; B. W. Bacon in Hibbert Journal, April 1903, Jan. 1904, 1905; E. F. Scott, The Fourth Gospel: its purpose and theology, 1906.]

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