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IN the German edition, the present work comprises three parts (8, 10, and 12) of the well-known “Religionsgeschichtliche Volksbücher.” The present edition gathers these discussions of the Johannine (and incidentally of the Synoptic) problem into a single volume. It has the further advantage—through the kindness of Prof. Schmiedel—of incorporating many manuscript improvements in and additions to the German text. For instance—not to mention smaller additions—§§ 26 and 27 in Pt. I. Chap. III. (pp. 130-136), the second and third paragraphs of § 13 in Pt. II. Chap. V. (pp. 255-257), and the second note in the Appendix (pp. 270-277) are entirely new. In fact, in this, as in other matters, Prof. Schmiedel has spared himself no trouble in order to lay the results of his studies in as complete a form as possible (having regard, of course, to the limitations imposed by a popular German series) before his English readers. In the List of Books at the end of the volume references will be found to some of the author’s contributions to the “Encyclopaedia Biblica “which bear directly upon the subject under consideration. It is hoped that the present work will serve as an introduction, and in some respects as a supplement, to Prof. Schmiedel’s famous “Encyclopaedia” articles.


July 1908.

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