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Appendix containing Canons and Rulings not having Conciliar Origin but Approved by Name in Canon II. of the Synod in Trullo.


Prefatory Note.

Introduction to the Apostolical Canons.

The 85 Apostolical Canons.

Epitome of the Canons of the following:

I.  Dionysius of Alexandria.

II.  Peter of Alexandria.

III.  Gregory Thaumaturgus.

IV.  Athanasius of Alexandria.

V.  Basil of Cæsarea.

VI.  Gregory Nyssen.

VII.  Gregory Theologus.

VIII.  Amphilochius of Iconium.

IX.  Timothy of Alexandria.

X.  Theophilus of Alexandria.

XI.  Cyril of Alexandria.

XII.  Gennadius of Constantinople.558558    For some reason Beveridge does not follow, as I have done, the order of the enumeration in the Trullan Canon.  Johnson has followed Beveridge’s order.

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