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Canon XXXI.  (Greek xxxiv.)

If certain clerics advanced by their own bishops are supercilious, let them not remain whence they are unwilling to come forth.

It also seemed good that whoever of the clergy or of the deacons would not help the bishop in the necessities of the churches, when he wished to lift them to a higher position in his diocese, should no longer be allowed to exercise the functions of that grade from which they were not willing to be removed.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XXXI.

Who despises a greater honour shall lose what he hath.


It is most probable that this canon is to be understood of deacons designed by the bishop to be ordained priests, for the deacons, at least in some Churches, were provided of a better maintenance than priests; or it may be understood of inferior clergymen, who were permitted to marry in the degree they were now in, but would not willingly take the order of priest or deacon, because then they were prohibited marriage.

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