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Canon XXVII.  (Greek xxx.)

Presbyters and deacons convicted of the graver crimes shall not receive laying on of hands, like laymen.429429    This found only in Latin.

It also was confirmed that if presbyters or deacons were convicted of any of the greater crimes on account of which it was necessary that they should be removed from the ministry, that hands should not be laid upon them as upon penitents, or as upon faithful layman, nor should it be permitted that they be baptized over again and then advanced to the clerical grade.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XXVII.

A presbyter convicted and repenting, is not to be rebaptized as one to be advanced, neither as a layman is he to be reordained.

This is Canon xij. of the before-mentioned Council of Carthage, Sept. 13th, 401.


This canon seems to have been designed to preclude deposed clergymen from all possibility of being restored, directly or indirectly.

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