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Canon XVII.

That any province on account of its distance, may have its own Primate.

It seemed good that Mauretania Sitiphensis, as it asked, should have a Primate of its own, with the consent of the Primate of Numidia from whose synod it had been separated.424424    The text here is corrupt.  And with the consent of all the primates of the African Provinces and of all the bishops permission was given, by reason of the great distance between them.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XVII.

Mauretania Sitiphensis, on account of the great distance, is permitted to have its own Primate.

This canon is Canon iij. of the first series of canons enacted at Hippo in 393.


N.B.  From this place forward the Latin and Greek numeration varies; but Justellus’s Edition in Greek and Latin follows the Latin division.

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