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Canon XLV.  (Greek xlviii.)

Concerning those who are sick and cannot answer for themselves.

That the sick are to be baptized who cannot answer for themselves if their [servants] shall have spoken at their own proper peril a testimony of the good will [of the sick man].

(Greek Canon xlix.)

Concerning players who are doing penance and are converted to the Lord.445445    Found only in the Greek.

That to players and actors and other persons of that kind, as also to apostates when they are converted446446    In the Greek “doing penance.” and return to God, grace or reconciliation is not to be denied.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XLV.

That he who cannot answer for himself on account of illness is to be baptized when he shall have given evidence of his desire.

A repentant actor is to be received to penance.

This canon is made up of Canons xxxij. and xxxiij. of the Synod of Hippo, a.d. 393.


“Apostates,” i.e., those who elsewhere are called Lapsi; those who had done sacrifice through the violence of torment in time of persecution, professing in the meantime that their consciences did not consent to what their hands did.

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