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Canon XCIV.  (Greek xcvii.)

Summary of Chapters.

That a free delegation be sent to the council from all the provinces to Mizoneum.  Legates475475    The Latin text here is certainly corrupt. and letters were ordered to be sent for the purpose of directing the free legation:  that became the unity had been made only at Carthage, letters should also be given to the judges, that they might order in the other provinces and cities the work of union to be proceeded with, and the thanksgivings of the Church of Carthage for the whole of Africa concerning the exclusion of the Donatists should be sent with the letters of the bishops to Court (ad Comitatum).

The letters of Pope Innocent were read:  that bishops ought not readily to carry causes across seas, and this very thing was confirmed by the judgment of the bishops themselves; that on account of thanksgiving and the exclusion of the Donatists, two clerics of the Church of Carthage should be sent to Court.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XCIV.

It seemed good that letters be sent to the Magistrates that the Donatists be expelled.476476    This is placed by Beveridge under Greek canon xcviij.

This introduction is taken from the Synod of Carthage of August 23, 405.  There is also added the introduction of the Synod of Carthage of June 13, 407.

In this synod certain things already decreed are corrected.

Under the most illustrious emperors Honorius for the VIIth time, and Theodosius for the second time, the consuls being the Augusti, on the Ides of July in Carthage in the basilica of the second region, when bishop Aurelius together with his other bishops had taken his seat, and while the deacons stood by, he said:  Since it was decreed in the council of Hippo, that each year there should assemble a plenary council of Africa, not only here in Carthage but also in the different provinces in their order, and this was reserved that we should determine its place of meeting sometimes in Numidia and sometimes in Byzacium.  But this seemed laborious to all the brethren.

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