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Canon LVIII.  (Greek lxii.)

Of the remaining idols or temples which should be done away by the Emperors.

Wherefore the most religious Emperors should be asked458458    I have followed the Greek text.  The Latin reads:  “Instant etiam aliæ necessitates religiosis imperitoribus postulandæ.” that they order the remaining idols to be taken entirely away throughout all Africa; for in many maritime places and in divers possessions the iniquity of this error still flourishes:  that they command them to be taken away and their temples, (such as are no ornament, being set up in fields or out of the way places) be ordered to be altogether destroyed.


Ancient Epitome of Canon LVIII.

The remains of the idols should be abolished altogether.

This is Canon ij. of the Synod of Carthage of June 15 (16), a.d. 401.

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