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Canon C.  (Greek civ.)

Of the suggestion of Bishop Maurentius.

[Hefele says “The text of this canon is much corrupted and very difficult to be understood.”  He gives as a synopsis, “The council appoints judges in the affair of Bishop Maurentius.”  (Hefele, Vol. II, p. 443.)]

Johnson thus condenses and translates.

Bishop Maurentius having an information against him, lying before the council, moves for a hearing; but the informers don’t appear upon three calls made by the deacons on the day appointed.  The cause is referred to Senex Xantippus, Augustinus, and five more summoned by the council, the informers were to make up the number twelve.


Ancient Epitome of Canon C.

It is right that sentence be given on the subdeacons who are said to be present from Nova Germania, who have thrice been sought and not found.  But out of regard to ecclesiastical gentleness, let some be sent to look into the matter.


The contents of this canon are of a private character, and therefore have not been commented on.

This canon is Canon vj. of Carthage, a.d. 407.


“Senex” i.e. Primate Xantippus, as is commonly believed.  He and others have this title frequently given them in the acts of these councils.  See can. 8.

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