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Canon XXXV.

It shall be lawful for no Metropolitan on the death of a bishop of his province to appropriate or sell the private property of the deceased, or that of the widowed church:  but these are to be in the custody of the clergy of the diocese over which he presided until the election of another bishop, unless in the said church there are no clergymen left.  For then the Metropolitan shall protect the property without diminution, handing over everything to the bishop when he is appointed.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XXXV.

When the bishop is dead the clergy shall guard his goods.  If, however, no clergyman remains, the Metropolitan shall take charge of them until another be ordained.

382Compare Canon xxii. of Chalcedon. This canon extends the prohibition to Metropolitans as well.


Neither the clergy nor metropolitan after the death of the bishop are allowed to carry off his goods, but all should be guarded by the clergy themselves, until another bishop is chosen.  But if by chance no clergyman is left in that church, the metropolitan is to keep all the possessions undiminished and to return them to the future bishop.

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