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Extracts from the Acts.

Session VI.

(Labbe and Cossart, Concilia, Tom. IV., col. 611.)

[The Emperor was present in person and addressed the Council and afterwards suggested legislation under three heads, the drafts for which were read.]

After this reading, the capitulas were handed by our most sacred and pious prince to the most beloved of God Anatolius, archbishop of royal Constantinople, which is New Rome, and all the most God-beloved bishops cried out:  Many years to our Emperor and Empress, the pious, the Christian.  May Christ whom thou servest keep thee.  These things are worthy of the faith.  To the Priest, the Emperor.  Thou hast straightened out the churches, victor of thine enemies, teacher of the faith.  Many years to the pious Empress, the lover of Christ.  Many years to her that is orthodox.  May God save your kingdom.  Ye have put down the heretics, ye have kept the faith.  May hatred be far removed from your empire, and may your kingdom endure for ever!

Our most sacred and pious prince said to the holy synod:  To the honour of the holy martyr Euphemia, and of your holiness, we decree that the city of Chalcedon, in which the synod of the holy faith has been held, shall have the honours of a metropolis, in name only giving it this honour, the proper dignity of the city of Nicomedia being preserved.

All cried out, etc., etc.

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