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Canon III.

If any presbyter or deacon, or any one whatever belonging to the priesthood, shall forsake his own parish, and shall depart, and, having wholly changed his residence, shall set himself to remain for a long time in another parish, let him no longer officiate; especially if his own bishop shall summon and urge him to return to his own parish and he shall disobey.  And if he persist in his disorder, let him be wholly deposed from his ministry, so that no further room be left for his restoration.  And if another bishop shall receive a man deposed for this cause, let him be punished by the Common Synod as one who nullifies the ecclesiastical laws.


Ancient Epitome of Canon III.

If any cleric leaves his own parish and goes off to another, travelling here and there, and stays for a long time in that other, let him not offer the sacrifice (λειτουργείτω ), especially if he do not return when called by his own bishop.  But if he perseveres in his insolence let him be deposed, neither afterwards let him have any power to return.  And if any bishop shall receive him thus deposed, he shall be punished by the Common Synod for breach of the ecclesiastical laws.

Compare with Canons of the Apostles xv. and xvi.

This canon is found in the Corpus Juris Canonici, Gratian’s Decretum, Pars II., Causa VII., Quæst. I., Can. xxiv.170170    Hefele seems to have overlooked this.  The note referring to the Apostolic Canons is all wrong (p. 68, n. 1.)

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