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161The Second Ecumenical Council.

The First Council of Constantinople.

a.d. 381.

Emperor.—Theodosius. 202202    Theodosius was Emperor of the East.  Gratian was Emperor of the West, but had no share in calling this council.



Historical Introduction.

The Creed and Epiphanius’s two Creeds with an Introductory Note.

Historical Excursus on the introduction of the words “and the Son.”

Historical Note on the lost Tome of this council.

Synodal Letter to the Emperor.

Introduction on the number of the Canons.

The Canons with the Ancient Epitome and Notes.

Excursus to Canon I., on the condemned heresies.

Excursus on the Authority of the Second Ecumenical Council.

Synodical Letter of the Council of Constantinople, A.D. 382.

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