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Epistle X.

To Sabinianus, Bishop of Jadera17341734    See VII. 17, and note on VI. 27..

Gregory to Sabinianus, &c.

As to one who perseveres in a fault punishment is rightly due, so pardon should be granted to those who return to a better mind.  For, as in the former case anger against the culprit is deservedly provoked, so in the latter good-will displayed is wont to promote concord.  And so, inasmuch as a recollection of the gravity of the priestly office has now withdrawn thy Fraternity from fellowship and communion with Maximus, into which thoughtlessness had before betrayed thee; and this to such an extent that thou couldest by no means allow thyself to be content with mere separation from him without also bewailing thy past transgression by betaking thyself to the retirement of a monastery, therefore doubt not that thou art received again into our favour and communion:  for, as much as thy fault had before offended us, so much has thy penitence appeased us.  We exhort thee, therefore, most beloved brother, that thou be instant in bestowing pastoral solicitude on the Lord’s flock, and be diligently on the watch to make profit of the sheep committed to thy charge; that so the retribution of a copious reward may abound to thee in proportion as thou shalt offer multiplied fruits of thy labour at the coming of the eternal Judge.  Strive then to rescue those who have fallen into sin; strive to shew the way of retracing their steps to those that go astray; strive to recall salubriously to the grace of communion those who have been deprived of communion.  Let the coming back of your Charity lay on you the duty of rescuing others, and be an example of salvation; to the end that, while your anxious care shall direct the wandering steps of sheep to the folds of the chief shepherd, both they themselves may not be left exposed to the teeth of wolves, and (what is above all things to be desired) that the compensation of condign retribution may await thee in the life eternal.

As to the cause about which you wrote to us, requesting us to guard against any clandestine proceedings against you in the royal city, let not this matter disturb your mind.  For we have with all possible care given orders to our responsalis to shew himself solicitous and on his guard.  And we trust in the power of our God that things are being so conducted that the opposition of no one shall avail against reason, so as in any way to trouble you or to bear hard upon you.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of the city of Epidaurus have most urgently requested us to restore to them Florentius, whom they allege to be their bishop, asserting that he was driven into exile invalidly by the mere will of the bishop Natalis17351735    See III. 8, and III. 9, note 2..  And so, if your Fraternity has any knowledge of his case, please to inform us accurately by letter.  But, if so far you have no knowledge of it, make enquiry, and report to us, that we may be able, with the Lord’s help, to deliberate with full knowledge before us as to what should be determined concerning him.  In the month of February, first Indiction.

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