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Epistle XLVIII.

To Andrew, Scholasticus16131613    On the term “Scholasticus,” see V. 36, note 9.  It appears from this and other epistles that persons thus designated were addressed as “Gloria vestra.”  The “Patrician” mentioned in this letter as having recommended the Archdeacon Donatus to succeed John as Archbishop of Ravenna, was Romanus Patricius, Exarch of Italy, who died a.d. 598.  He is often addressed or referred to in the Epistles.  See Index..

Gregory to Andrew, &c.

We have been desirous of carrying out the wish of the most excellent the lord Patrician as to the person of Donatus, the archdeacon; but, seeing that it is very dangerous to the soul to lay hands on any one rashly, we took care to examine by a thorough investigation into his life and deeds.  And, since many things have been discovered, as we have written to the said lord Patrician, which remove him far from the episcopate, we, fearing the judgment of God, have not thought fit to consent to his ordination.  But neither have we presumed to ordain John, the presbyter, who is ignorant of the psalms, since this circumstance certainly shewed him to be too little in earnest about himself.  These, then, being excluded, when we had urged the parties to choose some one from among their own people16141614    See above V. 23., and they declared that they had no one fit for this office, and when we together with them were the more distressed, they at length, with one common voice and consent, repeatedly solicited our venerable brother the presbyter Marinianus, who they learnt had been associated with me for a long time in a monastery.  He, shrinking from the office, was at last, by various means, with difficulty persuaded to give assent to their petition.  And, since we were well acquainted with his life, and knew him to be solicitous in winning souls, we did not delay his ordination.  Let, therefore, your Glory receive him as is 181bbecoming, and extend to his newness the aid of your succour.  For to all, as you know, newness in any office whatever is very trying.  But I have great confidence that Almighty God, who has vouchsafed to put him over His flock, will both stimulate him to give heed to what is inward, and comfort him with the loving-kindness of His grace for administering what is outward.  But, inasmuch as, after his long enjoyment of quiet, his newness, as we have before said, will without doubt expose him to perturbation, I beg that, when he shall come to you flying from the whirlwinds of secular storms, he may always find in your heart a haven of rest, and be cheered by the boon of your charity.  But you will soon learn how much you will find yourselves able to agree; for he comes unwillingly to the episcopate16151615    For subsequent notices of Marinianus, see Index..

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