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Epistle LVII.

To Severus, Bishop.

Gregory to Severus, &c.

We learn from thy Fraternity’s epistle that, with regard to the choice of a bishop, some are agreed in favour of Ocleatinus, with whom, since we disallow him, they need not further concern themselves13731373    The vacant See referred to was that of Ariminum.  See following epistle.  Severus, who had been commisioned to act as visitor during the vacancy, was bishop of Ficulum, or Ficocle in the same province.  See V. 25..  But give notice to the inhabitants of that city that, if they should find any one in their own Church fit for that work, they all transfer their choice to him.  Otherwise the bearer of these presents will point out a person, of whom I have told him, in favour of whom the notification of the election should be made.  Do you, moreover, be prudent and careful with regard to your visitation of the same Church, that its property may be preserved inviolate, and its interests attended to after the accustomed manner under your management.

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