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Letter CLXXI.

To Timothy, Bishop of Alexandria.

Leo, the bishop, to Timothy, catholic bishop of the church of Alexandria.

I.  He congratulates him on his election, and bids him win back wanderers to the fold.

It is clearly apparent from the brightness of the sentiment quoted by the Apostle, that “all things work together for good to them that love God639639    Rom. viii. 28.,” and by the dispensation of God’s pity, where adversities are received, there also prosperity is given.  This the experience of the Alexandrine church shows, in which the moderation and long suffering of the humble has laid up for themselves great store in return for their patience:  because “the Lord is nigh them that are of a contrite heart, and shall save those that are humble in spirit640640    Ps. xxxiv. 18, and cxviii. 16.,” our noble Prince’s faith being glorified in all things, through whom “the right-hand of the Lord hath done great acts641641    Ps. xxxiv. 18, and cxviii. 16.,” in preventing the abomination of antichrist any longer occupying the throne of the blessed Fathers; whose blasphemy has hurt no one more than himself, because although he has induced some to be partners of his guilt, yet he has inexpiably stained himself with blood.  And hence concerning that which under the direction of Faith your election, brother, by the clergy, and the laity, and all the faithful, has brought about, I assure you that the whole of the Lord’s Church rejoices with me, and it is my strong desire that the Divine pity will in its loving-kindness confirm this joy with manifold signs of grace, your own devotion ministering thereto in all things, so that you may sedulously win over, through the Church’s prayers, those also who have hitherto resisted the Truth, to reconciliation with God, and, as a zealous ruler, bring them into union with the mystic body of the catholic Faith, whose entirety admits of no division, imitating that true and gentle Shepherd, who laid down His 114life for His sheep, and, when one sheep wandered, drove it not back with the lash, but carried it back to the fold on His own shoulders.

II.  Let him be watchful against heresy and send frequent reports to Rome.

Take heed, then, dearly beloved brother, lest any trace of either Nestorius’ or Eutyches’ error be found in God’s people:  because “no one can lay any foundation except that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus642642    1 Cor. iii. 11.;” who would not have reconciled the whole world to God the Father, had He not by the regeneration of Faith adopted us all in the reality of our flesh643643    Per fidei regenerationem omnes in nostræ carnis veritate susciperet.  The doctrine of the Atonement in the light of the Incarnation is here expressed in a rather unusual way, and I have therefore translated the expression as literally as possible..  Whenever, therefore, opportunities arise which you can use for writing, brother, even as you necessarily and in accordance with custom have done in sending a report of your ordination to us by our sons, Daniel the presbyter and Timothy the deacon, so continue to act at all times and send us, who will be anxious for them, as frequent accounts as possible of the progress of peace, in order that by regular intercourse we may feel that “the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Ghost, which is given unto us644644    Rom. v. 5..”  Dated the 18th of August, in the consulship of Magnus and Apollonius (460).

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