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Chapter I.

What Abbot Joseph asked us in the first instance.

The blessed Joseph,19631963    Nothing further appears to be known of this Joseph than what Cassian here states. whose instructions and precepts are now to be set forth, and who was one of the three whom we mentioned in the first Conference,19641964    viz., the first of the Second Part of the Conferences, i.e., Conference XI. belonged to a most illustrious family, and was the chief man of his city in Egypt, which was named Thmuis,19651965    See on Conference XIV. c. iv. and so was carefully trained in the eloquence of Greece as well as Egypt, so that he could talk admirably with us or with those who were utterly ignorant of Egyptian, not as the others did through an interpreter, but in his own person. And when he found that we were anxious for instruction from him, he first inquired whether we were own brothers, and when he heard that we were united in a tie of spiritual and not carnal brotherhood, and that from the first commencement of our renunciation of the world we had always been joined together in an unbroken bond as well in our travels, which we had both undertaken for the sake of spiritual service, as also in the pursuits of the monastery, he began his discourse as follows.

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