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Letter XXX.20042004    Placed in 369.

To Eusebius of Samosata.

If I were to write at length all the causes which, up to the present time, have kept me at home, eager as I have been to set out to see your reverence, I should tell an interminable story.  I say nothing of illnesses coming one upon another, hard winter weather, and press of work, for all this has been already made known to you.  Now, for my sins, I have lost my Mother,20052005    Emmelia.  Vide account of Basil’s family in the prolegomena. the only comfort I had in life.  Do not smile, if, old as I am, I lament my orphanhood.  Forgive me if I cannot endure separation from a soul, to compare with whom I see nothing in the future that lies before me.  So once more my complaints have come back to me; once more I am confined to my bed, tossing about in my weakness, and every hour all but looking for the end of life; and the Churches are in somewhat the same condition as my body, no good hope shining on them, and their state always changing for the worse.  In the meantime Neocæsarea and Ancyra have decided to have successors of the dead, and so far they are at peace.  Those who are plotting against me have not yet been permitted to do anything worthy of their bitterness and wrath.  This we make no secret of attributing to your prayers on behalf of the Churches.  Weary not then in praying for the Churches and in entreating God.  Pray give all salutations to those who are privileged to minister to your Holiness.

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