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Letter XLIII.20902090    Ranked with the preceding, and of dubious genuineness.

Admonition to the Young.

O faithful man of solitary life, and practiser of true religion, learn the lessons of the evangelic conversation, of mastery over the body, of a meek spirit, of purity of mind, of destruction of pride.  Pressed into the service,20912091    ἀγγαρευόμενοςcf. Matt. v. 41. add to your gifts, for the Lord’s sake; robbed, never go to law; hated, love; persecuted, endure; slandered, entreat.  Be dead to sin; be crucified to God.  Cast all your care upon the Lord, that you may be found where are tens of thousands of angels, assemblies of the first-born, the thrones of prophets, sceptres of patriarchs, crowns of martyrs, praises of righteous men.  Earnestly desire to be numbered with those righteous men in Christ Jesus our Lord.  To Him be glory for ever.  Amen.

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