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Letter LXXVII.22702270    Of the same date as the preceding.

Without inscription:  about Therasius.22712271    Perhaps to Elpidius.  Therasius is probably the governor referred to in Letter xcvi. to Sophronius.

One good thing we have certainly gained from the government of the great Therasius and that is that you have frequently paid us a visit.  Now, alas! we have lost our governor, and we are deprived of this good thing too.  But since the boons once given us by God remain immovable, and, although we are parted in body, abide fixed by memory in the souls of each of us, let us constantly write, and communicate our needs to one another.  And this we may well do at the present moment, when the storm for a brief space has cried a truce.  I trust that you will not part from the admirable Therasius, for I think that it is very becoming to share his great anxieties, and I am delighted at the opportunity given you both of seeing your friends and of being seen by them.22722272    The text is here corrupt.  The Ben. Ed. say “corruptissimus.”  I have much to say about many things, but I put it off till we meet, for it is, I think, hardly safe to entrust matters of such importance to letters.

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