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Letter CXXI.24002400    Of the same date as the preceding.

To Theodotus, bishop of Nicopolis.24012401    On the same subject.

The winter is severe and protracted, so that it is difficult for me even to have the solace of letters.  For this reason I have written seldom to your reverence and seldom heard from you, but now my beloved brother Sanctissimus, the co-presbyter, has undertaken a journey as far as your city.  By him I salute your lordship, and ask you to pray for me, and to give ear to Sanctissimus, that from him you may learn in what situation the Churches are placed, and may give all possible heed to the points put before you.  You must know that Faustus came with letters for me, from the pope, requesting that he might be ordained bishop.  When however I asked him for some testimonial from yourself, and the rest of the bishops, he made light of me and betook himself to Anthimus.  He came back, ordained by Anthimus, without any communication having been made to me on the subject.

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