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Letter CXLVI.24812481    Placed in 373.

To Antiochus.24822482    Nephew of Eusebius, who had written a salutation in his uncle’s letter.  cf. Letter clxviii.

I cannot accuse you of carelessness and inattention, because, when an opportunity of writing occurred, you said nothing.  For I count the greeting which you have sent me in your own honoured hand worth many letters.  In return I salute you, and beg you earnestly to give heed to the salvation of your soul, disciplining all the lusts of the flesh by reason, and ever keeping the thought of God built up in your soul, as in a very holy temple.  In every deed and every word hold before your eyes the judgment of Christ, so that every individual action, being referred to that exact and awful examination may bring you glory in the day of retribution, when you win praise from all creation.  If that great man24832483    i.e. his uncle Eusebius. should be able to pay me a visit, it would be a pleasure to me to see you here with him.

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