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Letter CXLII.24702470    Placed in 373.

To the prefects’ accountant.24712471    On the exemption of hospitals from taxation.

I assembled all my brethren the chorepiscopi at the synod of the blessed martyr Eupsychius24722472    cf. Letters c. and cclii., and note on p. 184. to introduce them to your excellency.  On account of your absence they must be brought before you by letter.  Know, therefore, this brother as being worthy to be trusted by your intelligence, because he fears the Lord.  As to the matters on behalf of the poor, which he refers to your good-will, deign to believe him as one worthy of credit, and to give the afflicted all the aid in your power.  I am sure you will consent to look favourably upon the hospital of the poor which is in his district, and exempt it altogether from taxation.  It has already seemed good to your colleague to make the little property of the poor not liable to be rated.

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