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Letter CLXXXIV.26012601    Placed in 374.

To Eustathius, bishop of Himmeria.26022602    Nothing more is known of this Eustathius.  Himmeria is in Osrhoene.

Orphanhood is, I know, very dismal, and entails a great deal of work, because it deprives us of those who are set over us.  Whence I conclude that you do not write to me, because you are depressed at what has happened to you, and at the same time are now very much occupied in visiting the folds of Christ, because they are attacked on every side by foes.  But every grief finds consolation in communication with sympathising friends.  Do then, I beg you, as often as you can, write to me.  You will both refresh yourself by speaking to me, and you will comfort me by letting me hear from you.  I shall endeavour to do the same to you, as often as my work lets me.  Pray yourself, and entreat all the brotherhood earnestly to importune the Lord, to grant us one day release from the present distress.

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