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Letter CLXXIX.25902590    Placed in 374.

To Arinthæus.25912591    Possibly commendatory of the same Eusebius.

Your natural nobility of character and your general accessibility have taught me to regard you as a friend of freedom and of men.  I have, therefore, no hesitation in approaching you in behalf of one who is rendered illustrious by a long line of ancestry, but is worthy of greater esteem and honour on his own account, because of his innate goodness of disposition.  I beg you, on my entreaty, to give him your support under a legal charge, in reality, indeed, ridiculous, but difficult to meet on account of the seriousness of the accusation.  It would be of great importance to his success if you would deign to say a kind word in his behalf.  You would, in the first place, be helping the right; but you would further be showing in this your wonted respect and kindness to myself, who am your friend.

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