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Letter CCXXXI.29402940    Placed in 375.

To Amphilochius, bishop of Iconium.

I find few opportunities of writing to your reverence, and this causes me no little trouble.  It is just the same as if, when it was in my power to see you and enjoy your society very often, I did so but seldom.  But it is impossible for me to write to you because so few travel hence to you, otherwise there is no reason why my letter should not be a kind of journal of my life, to tell you, my dear friend, everything that happens to me day by day.  It is a comfort to me to tell you my affairs, and I know that you care for nothing more than for what concerns me.  Now, however, Elpidius29412941    It is doubtful whether this Elpidius is to be identified with any other of the same name mentioned in the letters. is going home to his own master, to refute the calumnies falsely got up against him by certain enemies, and he has asked me for a letter.  I therefore salute your reverence by him and commend to you a man who deserves your protection, at once for the sake of justice and for my own sake.  Although I could say nothing else in his favour, yet, because he has made it of very great importance to be the bearer of my letter, reckon him among our friends, and remember me and pray for the Church.

You must know that my very God-beloved brother is in exile, for he could not endure the annoyance caused him by shameless persons.29422942    On the withdrawal of Gregory of Nyssa, cf. note, p. 267.  Doara29432943    Doara was one of the bishoprics in Cappadocia Secunda under Tyana; now Hadji Bektash.  Ramsay, Hist. Geog. Asia Minor, p. 287. is in a state of agitation, for the fat sea monster29442944    i.e.Demosthenes.  Such language may seem inconsistent with the tone of Letter ccxxv., but that, it will be remembered, was an official and formal document, while the present letter is addressed to an intimate friend. is throwing everything into confusion.  My enemies, as I am informed by those who know, are plotting against me at court.  But hitherto the hand of the Lord has been over me.  Only pray that I be not abandoned in the end.  My brother is taking things quietly.  Doara has received the old muleteer.29452945    Possibly another hit at Demosthenes.  The name might be thought to fit Anthimus, but with him Basil had made peace.  cf. Letter ccx.  She can do no more.  The Lord will scatter the counsels of my enemies.  The one cure for all my troubles present and to come is to set eyes on you.  If you possibly can, while I am still alive, do come to see me.  The book on the Spirit has been written by me, and is finished, as you know.  My brethren here have prevented me from sending it to you written on paper, and have told me that they had your excellency’s orders to engross it on parchment.29462946    ν σωματί& 251·, i.e. in a volume, not on leaves of papyrus, but in book form, as e.g. the Cod. Alexandrinus in the B.M.  Not, then, to appear to do anything against your injunctions, I have delayed now, but I will send it a little later, if only I find any suitable person to convey it.  May you be granted to me and to God’s Church by the kindness of the Holy One, in all health and happiness, and praying for me to the Lord.

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