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Letter CCLXXV.32313231    Placed at the same time as the preceding.

Without address.  Concerning Hera.

You have anticipated my entreaties in your affection for my very reverend brother Hera, and you have been better to him than I could have prayed for you to be in the abundant honour which you have shewn him, and the protection which you have extended to him on every occasion.  But I cannot allow his affairs to go unnoticed by a word, and I must beseech your excellency that for my sake you will add something to the interest you have shewn in him, and will send him back to his own country victorious over the revilings of his enemies.  Now many are trying to insult the peacefulness of his life, and he is not beyond the reach of envy’s shafts.  Against his foes we shall find one sure means of safety, if you will consent to extend your protection over him.

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