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Letter CCLXXVIII.32353235    Placed in the episcopate.

To Valerianus.

I desired, when in Orphanene,32363236    A district in Armenia Minor.  Ramsay, Hist. Geog. A.M. 314. to see your excellency; I had also hoped that while you were living at Corsagæna, there would have been nothing to hinder your coming to me at a synod which I had expected to hold at Attagæna; since, however, I failed to hold it, my desire was to see you in the hill-country; for here again Evesus,32373237    cf. Ep. ccli. p. 291.  Euassai or Evesus is about fifty miles north of Cæsarea. being in that neighbourhood, held out hopes of our meeting.  But since I have been disappointed on both occasions, I determined to write and beg that you would deign to visit me; for I think it is but right and proper that the young man should come to the old.  Furthermore, at our meeting, I would make you a tender of my advice, touching your negotiations with certain at Cæsarea:  a right conclusion of the matter calls for my intervention.  If agreeable then, do not be backward in coming to me.

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