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(A letter of recommendation for Eudoxius a Rhetorician for whom Gregory had a warm regard.)

To honour a mother is a religious duty.  Now, different individuals have different mothers; but the common mother of all is our country.  This mother you have honoured by the splendour of your whole life; and you will honour her again now by obtaining for me that which I entreat.  And what is my request?  You certainly know Eudoxius the Rhetorician, the most learned of her sons.  His son, to speak concisely, another Eudoxius both in life and learning, now approaches you through me.  In order then to get yourself a yet better name, be helpful to him in the matters for which he asks your assistance.  For it were a shame were you, who are the universal Patron of our Country, and who have done good to so many, and I will add, who will yet continue to do so, should not honour above all him who is most excellent in learning and in his eloquence, which you ought to honour, if for no other reason, because he uses it to praise your goodness.

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