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23. A copy13531353    Vid. another translation of the Latin, Hist. Arian. §24. of the letter as follows:

Constantius Victor Augustus to Athanasius13541354    Spring of 350.. It is not unknown to your Prudence, how constantly I prayed that success might attend my late brother Constans in all his undertakings, and your wisdom will easily judge how greatly I was afflicted, when I learnt that he had been cut off by the treachery of villains. Now forasmuch as certain persons are endeavouring at this time to alarm you, by setting before your eyes that lamentable tragedy, I have thought good to address to your Reverence this present letter, to exhort you, that, as becomes a Bishop, you would teach the people to conform to the established13551355    κεχρεωστημένην vid. κρατούσῃ πίστει, infr. §31. religion, and, according to your custom, give yourself up to prayer together with them. For this is agreeable to our wishes; and our desire is, that you should at every season be a Bishop in your own place.

And in another hand:—May divine Providence preserve you, beloved Father, many years.

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