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Chapter XXV.—How All came to an Agreement respecting the Passover.

1. Those in Palestine whom we have recently mentioned, Narcissus and Theophilus,17171717    In chaps. 22 and 23. For particulars in regard to them, see chap. 22, notes 6 and 7. and with them Cassius,17181718    Cassius and Clarus are otherwise unknown men. bishop of the church of Tyre, and Clarus of the church of Ptolemais, and those who met with them,17191719    i.e. in the Palestinian council mentioned in chap. 23. Upon this and the other councils held at the same period, see chap. 23, note 2. having stated many things respecting the tradition concerning the passover which had come to them in succession from the apostles, at the close of their writing add these words:17201720    This fragment is given, with annotations, by Routh, Rel. Sac. II. p. 3 sq. English translation in the Ante-Nicene Fathers, VIII. p. 774.

2. “Endeavor to send copies of our letter to every church, that we may not furnish occasion to those who easily deceive their souls. We show you indeed that also in Alexandria they keep it on the same day that we do. For letters are carried from us to them and from them to us, so that in the same manner and at the same time we keep the sacred day.”17211721    These epistles, like all the rest written at this time on the paschal question, are now lost (see chap. 23, note 4).

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