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Chapter XXI.—Cerdon becomes the Third Ruler of the Church of Alexandria.

1. After Nerva had reigned a little more than a year732732    From Sept. 18, 96, to Jan. 27, 98 a.d. he was succeeded by Trajan. It was during the first year of his reign that Abilius,733733    On Abilius, see chap. 14, note 2, above. who had ruled the church of Alexandria for thirteen years, was succeeded by Cerdon.734734    According to the legendary Acts of St. Mark, Cerdo was one of the presbyters ordained by Mark. According to Eusebius (H. E. IV. I and Chron.) he held office until the twelfth year of Trajan.

2. He was the third that presided over that church after Annianus,735735    On Annianus, see Bk. II. chap. 24, note 2. who was the first. At that time Clement still ruled the church of Rome, being also the third that held the episcopate there after Paul and Peter.

3. Linus was the first, and after him came Anencletus.736736    On the order of succession of the early Roman bishops, see above, chap. 2, note 1. Paul and Peter are here placed together by Eusebius, as co-bishops of Rome. Compare the association of the two apostles by Caius, and by Dionysius of Corinth (quoted by Eusebius, in Bk. II. chap. 25).

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