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Chief Events in the Life of St. Augustin.

(as Given, Nearly, in the Benedictine Edition).

354.            Augustin born at Tagaste, Nov. 13; his parents, Patricius and Monnica; shortly afterwards enrolled among the Catechumens.

370.  Returns home from studying Rhetoric at Madaura, after an idle childhood, and from idleness falls into dissipation and sin.

371.            Patricius dies; Augustin supported at Carthage by his mother, and his friend Romanianus; forms an illicit connection.

372.  Birth of his son Adeodatus.

373.             Cicero’s Hortensius awakens in him a strong desire for true wisdom.

374.  He falls into the Manichæan heresy, and seduces several of his acquaintances into it. His mother’s earnest prayers for him; she is assured of his recovery.

376.            Teaches Grammar at Tagaste; but soon returns to Carthage to teach Rhetoric—gains a prize.

379.  Is recovered from study of Astrology—writes his books De pulchro et apto.

382.            Discovers the Manichæans to be in error, but falls into scepticism. Goes to Rome to teach Rhetoric.

385.            Removes to Milan; his errors gradually removed through the teaching of Ambrose, but he is held back by the flesh; becomes again a Catechumen.

386.  Studies St. Paul; converted through a voice from heaven; gives up his profession; writes against the Academics; prepares for Baptism.

387.  Is baptized by Bishop Ambrose, with his son Adeodatus. Death of his mother, Monnica, in her fifty-sixth year, at Ostia.

388.  Aug. revisits Rome, and then returns to Africa. Adeodatus, full of promise, dies.

389.  Aug. against his will ordained Presbyter at Hippo by Valerius, its Bishop.

392.  Writes against the Manichæans.

394.  Writes against the Donatists.

395.            Ordained Assistant Bishop to Valerius, toward the end of the year.

396.  Death of Bishop Valerius. Augustin elected his successor.

397.  Aug. writes the Confessions, and the De Tinitate against the Arians.

398.  Is present at the fourth Council of Carthage.

402.  Refutes the Epistle of Petilianus, a Donatist.

404.  Applies to Cæcilianus for protection against the savageness of the Donatists.

408.  Writes De urbis Romæ obsidione.

411.  Takes a prominent part in a conference between the Catholic Bishops and the Donatists.

413.  Begins the composition of his great work De Civitate Dei, completed in 426.

417.  Writes De gestis Palæstinæ synodi circa Pelagium.

420.  Writes against the Priscillianists.

424.  Writes against the Semipelagians.

426.            Appoints Heraclius his successor.

428.  Writes the Retractations.

429.            Answers the Epistles of Prosper and Hilary.

430.  Dies Aug. 28, in the third month of the siege of Hippo by the Vandals.

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