GARNIER, JULIEN: French Benedictine of the Congregation of 'St. Maur; b. at Connerrd (16 m. e. of Le Mans). c. 1670; d. at Charenton (5 m. s.e. of Paris) June 3,.172,5. In 1699 he joined the Maurist order, and became the collaborator of the famous Dom Mabillon. His thorough knowledge of the Greek language and literature led his order to entrust him with the preparation of a new edition of the works of Basil, and after 1701 he devoted all his time and energy to this tremendous undertaking. The first volume appeared after twenty years of uninterrupted toil (Paris, 1721), and in the following year he published the second. His labors had worn him out, however, and he died before the publication of the third volume, which was prepared by Dom Prudent Mayan (1730).

Bibliography: H. Hurter, Nomenclator 1 %terariue, ii. 1106, Innsbruck, 1893.

GARRETT, ALEXANDER CHARLES: Protestant Episcopal bishop of Dallas, Tex.; b. at Bally- mote (13 m. s.w. of Sligo), County Sligo, Ireland, Nov. 4, 1832. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A., 1855), was ordered deacon (1856) and ordained priest (1857). After being curate of East Worldham, Hampshire (1856-59), he was a missionary in British Columbia for ten years, being evening lecturerat the cathedral in Victoria; missionary to the Indians, naval chaplain at Esquimalt, rector of St. Paul's, Nanaims, and missionary to the miners at Cariboo.- He was rector of St. James', San Francisco . (1870-72), and dean of Trinity Cathedral, Omaha, Neb. (1872-74). In 1874 he was consecrated missionary bishop of Northern Texas, and on the creation of the diocese of Dallas in 1895 became bishop of that see. He was the founder of St. Mary's Institute for girls at Dallas, and also secured the erection of St. Matthew's Cathedral in the same city. He has written Historical Continuity (New York, 1875) and The Philosophy of the Incarnation (Baldwin lectures; 1891).

Bibliography: W. s. Perry, The Episcopate in America, p. 229, New York, 1895.

GARRIGAN, PHILIP JOSEPH: Roman Catholic bishop of Sioux City, Ia.; b. at Cavan (26 m. s.s.e. of Enniskillen), County Cavan, Ireland, Sept. 8, 1840. He was educated at St. Charles' College, Ellicott City, Md. (1862-66), and St. Joseph's Provincial Seminary, Troy, N. Y., from which he was graduated in 1870. After being curate of St. John's, Worcester, Mass. 1870-73, he was vice president of St. Joseph's Provincial Seminary 1873-1875, and rector of St. Bernard's Church, Fitchburg, Mass., 1875-88. He was then vice-rector of the Catholic University of America, Washington, 1888-1902, and in 1902 was consecrated bishop of the newly created diocese of Sioux City.


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