FUNSTEN, JAMES BOWEN: Protestant EpiscopaI missionary bishop of Idaho; b. at The Highlands, Clarke Co., Va., July 23, 1856. He studied at the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington (C.E., 1875), and the University of Virginia (LL.B., 1878), and after practising law for a short time; entered the Theological Seminary at Alexan-


dria, from which he was graduated in 1882. He was ordered deacon in the same year, and was advanced to the priesthood in 1883. From 1882 to 1884 he was a missionary at Bristol, Tenn., and at Marion, Va., and after traveling in Europe in 1884, was a missionary attached to the staff of Christ Church, Richmond, Va., 1884-90 and a general missionary in Virginia 1890-92. From 1892 to 1899 he was rector of Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Va., and in 1899 was consecrated missionary bishop of Bois6, his diocese comprising portions of the States of Idaho and Wyoming. In theology he is Evangelical, and, besides having been editor of The Southern Churchman 1885-86, has written Christ or the World (New York, 1890) and A Study of Confirmation (1895).

FURNESS, WILLIAM HENRY: Unitarian; b. in Boston, Mass., Apr. 20, 1802; d. in Philadelphia Jan. 30, 1896. He studied at Harvard (B.A., 1820), and after completing his theological training at Cambridge was ordained pastor of the First Unitarian Congregational Church, Philadelphia, Pa., in 1825, and held the office until his retirement in 1875. He was a leading abolitionist, and was author of Remarks on the Four Gospels (Philadelphia, 1835); Jesus and his Biographers (1838); A History of Jesus (1850); Thoughts on the Life and Character of Jesus of Nazareth (Boston, 1859); The Unconscious Truth of the Four Gospels (Philadelphia, 1868); Jesus (1871); The Power of Spirit Manifest in Jesus of Nazareth (1877); The Story of the Resurrection Told Once More (1885); Verses: Translations from the German and Hymns (Boston, 1886); and Pastoral Offices (1894). He also translated D. Schenkel's Das Charakterbild Jesu (Wiesbaden, 1864) under the title Character of Jesus Portrayed (2 vols., Boston, 1866).

FURRER, HANS KONRAD: Swiss Protestant; b. at Fluntern, near Zurich, Nov. 5,1838; d. at Zurich Apr.14,1908. He studied in Zurich (1857-62) and was ordained to the ministry in 1862. In 1863 he made a tour of Palestine, and in 1869 became privatdocent for Biblical archeology in the University of Zurich. He held various pastorates in the canton from his ordination until 1876, when he became pastor of St. Peter's, Zurich. He began to lecture continuously at the university in 1885, and in 1888 was appointed professor of the general history of religion. In theology he was a liberal conservative. He wrote Wanderungen durch das heilige Land (Zurich, 1865); Yortrtige ´┐Żber religi6se Tagesfragen (1895); Katholizismus and Protestantismus (1899); and Vortrdge caber das Leben Jesu Christi (1902).


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