« Baalbek Baasha Baba; Baba Batra; Baba Kamma; Baba Mezia »


BAASHA, bê´a-sha: Third king of Israel, 952-930 B.C., according to the old chronology; 925-901, Duncker; 909-886, Hommel; 914-891, Kamphausen. He was the son of Ahijah of the tribe of Issachar, apparently of a family of little repute, but probably rose to be a commander in the army. When Nadab, king of Israel, was besieging the Philistine city of Gibbethon, Baasha conspired against him, slew him, and then proceeded to establish himself on the throne by a massacre of the entire house of Jeroboam. His residence was at Tirzah, where he was also buried. He undertook to fortify Ramah, on the frontier between Israel and Judah, two hours north of Jerusalem, thus menacing the southern kingdom, but desisted on hearing that Benhadad of Damascus had invaded northern Israel instigated by Asa, king of Judah (q.v.). Whether he resisted Benhadad or made terms with him is not stated, but the cities which the latter is said to have captured were later in Israel’s possession (II Kings xv, 29). The religious condition of Israel under Baasha remained as under his two predecessors. His history is found in I Kings xv, 16-22, 27-34; xvi, 1-6.

(W. Lotz.)

Bibliography: Consult the works mentioned under Ahab.

« Baalbek Baasha Baba; Baba Batra; Baba Kamma; Baba Mezia »
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