« Ahimelech Ahithophel Ahlfeld, Johann Friedrich »


AHITHOPHEL, ɑ̄-hith´o-fel: A counselor of David. He is called “the Gilonite,” i.e., from Giloh, a city in the south of Judah (II Sam. xv. 12). David esteemed him highly for his great wisdom (II Sam. xvi. 23). When Absalom revolted, Ahithophel faithlessly betrayed David in the expectation that the rebellion would be successful (II Sam. xv. 12, 31, xvi. 21, xvii. 1 sqq.). He soon perceived, however, that his authority was not paramount with the young prince; and when the latter rejected his advice to attack David at once, he went home and hanged himself (II Sam. xvii. 23). Some think that Ps. xli. 9, lv. 12 sqq. have reference to David’s sad experience with Ahithophel. Eliam, a son of Ahithophel, was one of David’s heroes (II Sam. xxxiii. 34); it is hardly possible that he was the Eliam mentioned as the father of Bath-sheba (II Sam. xi. 3).

C. von Orelli.

« Ahimelech Ahithophel Ahlfeld, Johann Friedrich »
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