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Section XXXI.

[1] 21202120    Mark x. 41.And when the ten heard, they were moved with anger against James and John.  [2] 21212121    Mark x. 42.And Jesus called them, and said unto them, Ye know that the rulers of the nations 91[3] are their lords; and their great men are set in authority over them.  21222122    Mark x. 43.Not thus shall it [Arabic, p. 118] be amongst you:  but he amongst you that would be great, let him be to you a [4] servant; 21232123    Mark x. 44.and whoever of you would be first,21242124    Lit. advanced. let him be to every man a [5] bond-servant:  21252125    Matt. xx. 28.even as the Son of man also came not to be served, but to serve, and [6] to give himself a ransom in place of the many.  21262126    Luke xiii. 22.He said this, and was going about [7] the villages and the cities, and teaching; and he went to Jerusalem.  21272127    Luke xiii. 23.And a man asked him, Are those that shall be saved few?  Jesus answered and said unto [8] them, Strive ye to enter at the narrow door:  21282128    Luke xiii. 24.I say unto you now, that many shall [9] seek to enter, and shall not be able21292129    Lit. find, like the Syriac.21302130    Luke xiii. 25.from the time when the master of the house riseth, and closeth the door, and ye shall be standing without, and shall knock at the door, and shall begin to say, Our lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and [10] say, I say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:  21312131    Luke xiii. 26.and ye shall begin to say, [11] Before thee we did eat and drink, and in our markets didst thou teach; 21322132    Luke xiii. 27.and he shall say unto you, I know you not whence ye are; depart21332133    This rendering requires the omission of the diacritical point over the middle radical.  The text as printed means perish. from me, ye servants [12] of untruth.  21342134    Luke xiii. 28.There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, while ye are [13] put forth without.  21352135    Luke xiii. 29.And they shall come from the east and the west, and from the [14] north and the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.  21362136    Luke xiii. 30.And there shall then be last that have become first, and first that have become last.

[15, 16] 21372137    Luke xix. 1.And when Jesus entered and passed through Jericho, 21382138    Luke xix. 2.there was a man named Zacchæus, [17] rich, and chief of the publicans.  21392139    Luke xix. 3.And he desired to see Jesus who he was; and he was not able for the pressure of the crowd, because Zacchæus was little of stature.  [18] [Arabic, p. 119] 21402140    Luke xix. 4.And he hastened, and went before Jesus, and went up into an unripe fig [19] tree21412141    cf. the extract from Isho‘dad (Harris, Fragments, p. 19). to see Jesus:  for he was to pass thus.  21422142    Luke xix. 5.And when Jesus came to that place, he saw him, and said unto him, Make haste, and come down, Zacchæus:  [20] to-day I must be in thy house.  21432143    Luke xix. 6.And he hastened, and came down, and received [21] him joyfully.  21442144    Luke xix. 7.And when they all saw, they murmured, and said, He hath gone in [22] and lodged with a man that is a sinner.  21452145    Luke xix. 8.So Zacchæus stood, and said unto Jesus, My Lord, now half of my possessions I give to the poor, and what I have unjustly [23] taken21462146    A diacritical point must be restored to the second letter of this word.  As it stands it gives no sense. from every man I give him fourfold.  21472147    Luke xix. 9.Jesus said unto him, Today is salvation [24] come to this house, because this man also is a21482148    Lit. the. son of Abraham.  21492149    Luke xix. 10.For the Son of man came to seek and save the thing that was lost.

[25] 21502150    Luke xviii. 35a [rather, Matt. xx. 29a + Mark x. 46a.]; Matt. xx. 29b.And when Jesus went out of Jericho, he and his disciples, there came after him [26] a great multitude.  21512151    Luke xviii. 35b.And there was a blind man sitting by the way side begging.  [27] 21522152    Mark x. 46b; Luke xviii. 36.And his name was Timæus, the son of Timæus.  And he heard the sound of the [28] multitude passing, and asked, Who is this?  21532153    Luke xviii. 37.They said unto him, Jesus the Nazarene [29] passeth by.  21542154    Mark x. 47a; Luke xviii. 38.And when he heard that it was Jesus, he called out with a loud [30] voice, and said, Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.  21552155    Luke xviii. 39a.And those that went before Jesus were rebuking him, that he should hold his peace:  21562156    Mark x. 48b.but he cried the [31] more, and said, Son of David, have mercy on me.  21572157    Mark x. 49.And Jesus stood, and commanded that they should call him.  And they called the blind man, and said unto [32] him, Be of good courage, and rise; for, behold, he calleth thee.  21582158    Mark x. 50.And the blind [33] man threw away his garment, and rose, and came to Jesus.  21592159    Mark x. 51.Jesus said unto him, What dost thou wish that I should do unto thee?  And that blind man said unto him, My Lord and Master, that my eyes may be opened, so that I may see thee.21602160    cf. Matt. xx. 33, Luke xviii. 41, both in Curetonian.  [34] [Arabic, p. 120] 21612161    Matt. xx. 34a.And Jesus had compassion on him, and touched his eyes, and said unto [35] him, See; for thy faith hath saved thee.  21622162    Luke xviii. 42b; Luke xviii. 43.And immediately he received his sight,21632163    Lit. saw. and came after him, and praised God; and all the people that saw praised God.

[36] 21642164    Luke xix. 11b.And he spake a parable because he was nearing21652165    Or, near. Jerusalem, and they supposed [37] that at that time the kingdom of God was about to appear.  21662166    Luke xix. 12.He said unto them, A man, a son of a great race, went into a far country, to receive a kingdom, and [38] return.  21672167    Luke xix. 13.And he called his ten servants, and gave them ten shares, and said unto 92[39] them, Trade till the time of my coming.  21682168    Luke xix. 14.But the people of his city hated him, and [40] sent messengers after him, and said, We will not that this man reign over us.  21692169    Luke xix. 15.And when he had received a21702170    Doubtless a misinterpretation of the Syriac. kingdom, and returned, he said that the servants to whom he had given the money should be called unto him, that he might know what each [41] of them had traded.  21712171    Luke xix. 16.And the first came, and said, My lord, thy share hath gained [42] ten shares.21722172    Luke xix. 17.  The king said unto him, Thou good and faithful servant, who hast [43] been found faithful in a little, be thou set over ten districts.  21732173    Luke xix. 18.And the second came, [44] and said, My lord, thy portion hath gained five portions.  21742174    Luke xix. 19.And he said unto him [45] also, And thou shalt be set over five districts.  21752175    Luke xix. 20.And another came, and said, My [46] lord, here is thy portion, which was with me laid by in a napkin:  21762176    Luke xix. 21.I feared thee, because thou art a hard man, and takest what thou didst not leave, and seekest [47] what thou didst not give, and reapest what thou didst not sow.  21772177    Luke xix. 22.His lord said unto him, From thy mouth shall I judge thee, thou wicked and idle servant, who wast untrustworthy.  Thou knewest that I am a hard man, and take what I did not [48] leave, and reap what I did not sow:  21782178    Luke xix. 23.why didst thou not put my money at usury, [49] and so I might come and seek it, with its gains?  21792179    Luke xix. 24.And he said unto those that were standing in front of him, Take from him the share, and give it to him that hath [50, 51] [Arabic, p. 121] ten shares.  21802180    Luke xix. 25.They said unto him, Our lord, he hath ten shares.  21812181    Luke xix. 26.He said unto them, I say unto you, Every one that hath shall be given unto; and [52] he that hath not, that which he hath also shall be taken from him.  21822182    Luke xix. 27.And those mine enemies who would not that I should reign over them, bring them, and slay them before me.

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