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Notes by the American Editor.

1.  The translator’s reference to Canon 73 is a mistake, and quite misleading.  See vol. vii. Canon 74, p. 504.

2.  It is worth while to recall who and what Zephyrinus was.  See vol. v. p. 156, Elucidation V.; also same volume of this series, p. 157, Elucidation VI.  This unhappy prelate was a heretic; and his decrees and opinions are worthless, as Hippolytus shows.  Hence this letter, even were it genuine, would be of no value whatever.  Consult also vol. v. p. 156, in Elucidation IV.; also same volume, Elucidation III.

3.  On p. 610, Ep. 2, sec. 1, observe the reference to the “statutes of Emperors,” where the wily forger forgot himself, as if the Cæsars of this date had legislated for the Christian Church.  On the spirit of the ancient Canons, refuting all these Decretals, compare the Canons of Nicæa, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 15; of Constantinople, 2 and 3; of Ephesus, 8; and of Chalcedon, 9 and 28.  To these Canons, against the claims of the Paparchy, the Church of England appealed at her Restoration.

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