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Chapter 5.

After I had beheld these things, as I was going into Galilee with Jesus and the robber, Jesus was transfigured, and was not as formerly, before He was crucified, but was altogether light; and angels always ministered to Him, and Jesus spoke with them.  And I remained with Him three days.  And no one of His disciples was with Him, except the robber alone.

And in the middle of the feast of unleavened bread, His disciple John comes, and we no longer beheld the robber as to what took place.  And John asked Jesus:  Who is this, that Thou hast not made me to be seen by him?  But Jesus answered him nothing.  And falling down before Him, he said:  Lord, I know that Thou hast loved me from the beginning, and why dost Thou not reveal to me that man?  Jesus says to him:  Why dost thou seek what is hidden?  Art thou still without understanding?  Dost thou not perceive the fragrance of paradise filling the place?  Dost thou not know who it is?  The robber on the cross has become heir of paradise.  Amen, amen; I say to thee, that it shall belong to him alone until that the great day shall come.  And John said:  Make me worthy to behold him.

And while John was yet speaking, the robber suddenly appeared; and John, struck with astonishment, fell to the earth.  And the robber 471was not in his first form, as before John came; but he was like a king in great power, having on him the cross.  And the voice of a great multitude was sent forth:  Thou hast come to the place prepared for thee in paradise.  We have been commanded by Him that has sent thee, to serve thee until the great day.  And after this voice, both the robber and I Joseph vanished, and I was found in my own house; and I no longer saw Jesus.

And I, having seen these things, have written them down, in order that all may believe in the crucified Jesus Christ our Lord, and may no longer obey the law of Moses, but may believe in the signs and wonders that have happened through Him, and in order that we who have believed may inherit eternal life, and be found in the kingdom of the heavens.  For to Him are due glory, strength, praise, and majesty for ever and ever.  Amen.

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