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Chapter 2 (18).

I Karinus.  O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, permit me to speak of Thy wonders which Thou hast done in the lower world.  When, therefore, we were kept in darkness and the shadow of death in the lower world, suddenly there shone upon us a great light, and Hades and the gates of death trembled.  And then was heard the voice of the Son of the Father most high, as if the voice of a great thunder; and loudly proclaiming, He thus charged them:  Lift up your gates, ye princes; lift up the everlasting gates; the King of glory, Christ the Lord, will come up to enter in.

Then Satan, the leader of death, came up, fleeing in terror, saying to his officers and the powers below:  My officers, and all the powers below, run together, shut your gates, put up the iron bars, and fight bravely, and resist, lest they lay hold of us, and keep us captive in chains.  Then all his impious officers were perplexed, and 456began to shut the gates of death with all diligence, and by little and little to fasten the locks and the iron bars, and to hold all their weapons20062006    Ornamenta; another ms. has armamenta. grasped in their hands, and to utter howlings in a direful and most hideous voice.

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