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Chapter 13 (29).

Pilate, hearing these words of Annas and Caiaphas, laid them all up in the acts of our Lord and Saviour, in the public records of his prætorium, and wrote a letter to Claudius, king of the city of Rome,20032003    [Compare the other Latin form of this letter, as translated on p. 459; also the version of the Greek form of a similar letter, included in the Acts of Peter and Paul.—R.] saying:—

Pontius Pilate to Claudius his king, greeting.  It has lately happened, as I myself have also proved, that the Jews, through envy, have punished themselves and their posterity by a cruel condemnation.  In short, when their fathers had a promise that their God would send them from heaven his holy one, who should deservedly be called their king, and promised that he would send him by a virgin upon the earth:  when, therefore, while I was procurator, he had come into Judæa, and when they saw him enlightening the blind, cleansing the lepers, curing the paralytics, making demons flee from men, even raising the dead, commanding the winds, walking dryshod upon the waves of the sea, and doing many other signs of miracles; and when all the people of the Jews said that he was the Son of God, the chief priests felt envy against him, and seized him, and delivered him to me; and, telling me one lie after another, they said that he was a sorcerer, and was acting contrary to their law.

And I believed that it was so, and delivered him to be scourged, according to their will.  And they crucified him, and set guards over him when buried.  And he rose again on the third day, while my soldiers were keeping guard.  But so flagrant was the iniquity of the Jews, that they gave money to my soldiers, saying, Say that his disciples have stolen his body.  But after receiving the money they could not keep secret what had been done; for they bore witness both that he had risen again, that they had seen him,20042004    Or, that they had seen that he rose from the dead. and that they had received money from the Jews.

This accordingly I have done, lest any one should give a different and a false account of it, and lest thou shouldst think that the lies of the Jews are to be believed.


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