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Chapter 1.

Annas and Caiaphas, Summas and Datam, Gamaliel, Judas, Levi, Neptalim, Alexander and Jairus, and the rest of the Jews, came to Pilate, accusing the Lord Jesus Christ of many things, and saying:  We know him to be the son of Joseph the carpenter, born of Mary; and he says that he is the Son of God, and a king.  Not only so, but he also breaks the Sabbath, and wishes to do away with the law of our fathers.  Pilate says:  What is it that he does, and wishes to destroy the law?  The Jews say:  We have a law, not to heal any one on the Sabbath; but he, by evil arts, heals on the Sabbath the lame and the hunchbacked, the blind, the palsied, the lepers, and the demoniacs.  Pilate says to them:  By what evil arts?  They say to him:  He is a sorcerer; and by Beelzebub, prince of the demons, he casts out demons, and they are all subject to him.  Pilate says to them:  It is not in an unclean spirit to cast out demons, but in the god of Scolapius.

The Jews say:  We pray thy majesty to set him before thy tribunal to be heard.  Pilate, calling the Jews to him, says to them:  How can I, seeing that I am a governor,19541954    The word in the original is the general term præses, which the Vulgate uses for procurator. hear a king?  They say to him:  We do not say that he is a king, but he himself says he is.  And Pilate, calling a runner, says to him:  Let Jesus be brought in with kindness.  And the runner, going out and recognising Him, adored Him, and spread on the ground the cloak which he carried in his hand, saying:  My lord, walk upon this, and come in, because the governor calls thee.  But the Jews, seeing what the runner did, cried out against Pilate, saying:  Why didst not thou make him come in by the voice of a crier, but by a runner? for the runner, too, seeing him, has adored him, and has spread out before him on the ground the cloak which he held in his hand, and has said to him:  My lord, the governor calls thee.

440And Pilate, calling the runner, says to him:  Wherefore hast thou done this, and honoured Jesus, who is called Christ?  The runner says to him:  When thou didst send me into Jerusalem to Alexander, I saw him sitting upon an ass, and the children of the Hebrews breaking branches from the trees, strewing them in the way; and others held branches in their hands; and others spread their garments in the way, shouting and saying, Save, therefore, Thou who art in the highest; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!

The Jews cried out, saying against the runner:  The children of the Hebrews indeed cried out in Hebrew.  How canst thou, a Gentile, know this?  The runner says to them:  I asked one of the Jews, and said, What is it that they cry out in Hebrew? and he explained to me.  Pilate says to them:  And how did they cry out in Hebrew?  The Jews said:  Osanna in the highest!  Pilate says to them:  What is the meaning of Osanna in the highest?  They say to him:  Save us, Thou who art in the highest.  Pilate says to them:  If you yourselves bear witness to the terms and words in which the children cried out, in what has the runner sinned?  And they were silent.  The governor says to the runner:  Go out, and lead him in, in whatever way thou wilt.  And the runner, going forth, did after the same form as before, and says to Jesus:  My lord, go in, because the governor calls thee.

As Jesus, then, was going in, and the standard-bearers bearing the standards, the heads of the standards were bowed of themselves, and adored Jesus.  And the Jews, seeing the standards, how they bowed themselves and adored Jesus, cried out the more against the standard-bearers.  And Pilate says to the Jews:  Do you not wonder at the way in which the standards have bowed themselves and adored Jesus?  The Jews say to Pilate:  we saw how the men carrying the standards bowed themselves and adored Jesus.  And the governor, calling the standard-bearers, says to them:  Why have you so done?  They say to Pilate:  We are Gentile men, and slaves of the temples:  how had we19551955    i.e., was it possible for us. to adore him? for when we were holding the figures,19561956    Vultus.  He seems to have read πρόσωπα, and not προτομαι, as in the Greek. they themselves bowed and adored him.

Pilate says to the chiefs of the synagogue and the elders of the people:  Choose ye men powerful and strong, and let them hold the standards, and let us see whether they will bow of themselves.  And the elders of the Jews, taking twelve men very strong and powerful, made them hold the standards, six and six; and they stood before the governor’s tribunal.  Pilate says to the runner:  Take out Jesus outside of the prætorium, and bring him in again, in whatever way thou wilt.  And Jesus and the runner went outside of the prætorium.  And Pilate, calling those who had formerly held the standards, said to them:  By the health of Cæsar, if the standards do not bow themselves when Jesus comes in, I will cut off your heads.  And the governor ordered Jesus to come in a second time.  And the runner did after the same form as before, and besought Jesus much that He would go up and walk upon his cloak.  And He walked upon it, and went in.  And as Jesus was going in, immediately the standards bowed themselves, and adored Jesus.

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