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Chapter 8 (24).

While Hades was thus discoursing to Satan, the King of glory stretched out His right hand, and took hold of our forefather Adam, and raised him.  Then turning also to the rest, He said:  Come all with me, as many as have died through the tree which he touched:  for, behold, I again raise you all up through the tree of the cross.  Thereupon He brought them all out, and our forefather Adam seemed to be filled with joy, and said:  I thank Thy majesty, O Lord, that Thou hast brought me up out of the lowest Hades.19481948    Ps. lxxxvi. 13.  Likewise also all the prophets and the saints said:  We thank Thee, O Christ, Saviour of the world, that Thou hast brought our life up out of destruction.19491949    Comp. Ps. ciii. 4.

And after they had thus spoken, the Saviour blessed Adam with the sign of the cross on his forehead, and did this also to the patriarchs, and prophets, and martyrs, and forefathers; and He took them, and sprang up out of Hades.  And while He was going, the holy fathers accompanying Him sang praises, saying:  Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord:19501950    Ps. cxviii. 26.  Alleluia; to Him be the glory of all the saints.

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