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Chapter 6 (22).

Immediately Hades cried out:  We have been conquered:  woe to us!  But who art thou, that hast such power and might? and what art thou, who comest here without sin who art seen to be small and yet of great power, lowly and exalted, the slave and the master, the soldier and the king, who hast power over the dead and the living?  Thou wast nailed on the cross, and placed in the tomb; and now thou art free, and hast destroyed all our power.  Art thou then the Jesus about whom the chief satrap Satan told us, that through cross and death thou art to inherit the whole world?

Then the King of glory seized the chief satrap Satan by the head, and delivered him to His angels, and said:  With iron chains bind his hands and his feet, and his neck, and his mouth.  Then He delivered him to Hades, and said:  Take him, and keep him secure till my second appearing.

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