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Chapter 13.

And upon this there came up one of the soldiers guarding the tomb, and he said in the synagogue:  Learn that Jesus has risen.  The Jews say:  How?  And he said:  First there was an earthquake; then an angel of the Lord, clothed with lightning, came from heaven, and rolled the stone from the tomb, and sat upon it.  And from fear of him, all of us soldiers became as dead, and were able neither to flee nor speak.  And we heard the angels saying to the women who came there to see the tomb:  Be not you afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus.  He is not here, but is risen, as He told you before.  Bend down and see the tomb where His body lay; but go and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead, and let them go into Galilee, for there shall they find Him.  For this reason I tell you this first.19211921    Matt. xxviii. 1–8.

The Jews say to the soldiers:  What sort of women were they who came to the tomb? and why did you not lay hold of them?  The soldiers say:  From the fear and the mere sight of the angel, we were able neither to speak nor move.  The Jews said:  As the God of Israel liveth, we do not believe a word you say.  The soldiers say:  Jesus did so great wonders, and you believed not, and are you going to believe us?  You say truly that God liveth; and certainly he whom you crucified truly liveth.  But we have heard that you had Joseph shut up in the prison, and that you afterwards opened the doors, and did not find him.  Do you then present Joseph, and so we also shall present Jesus.  The Jews say:  Joseph, that fled from the prison, you will find in Arimathæa, his own country.  And the soldiers say:  Go you too into Galilee, and you will find Jesus, as the angel said to the women.

At these words the Jews were afraid, and said to the soldiers:  See that you tell this story to nobody, or all will believe in Jesus.  And for this reason they gave them also much money.  And the soldiers said:  We are afraid lest by any chance Pilate hear that we have taken money, and he will kill us.  And the Jews said:  Take it; and we pledge ourselves that we shall speak to Pilate in your defence.  Only say that you were asleep, and in your slumber the disciples of Jesus came and stole him from the tomb.  The soldiers therefore took the money, and said as they were bid.  And up to this day this same lying tale is told among the Jews.19221922    Matt. xxviii. 11–15.

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