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Chapter 3.

And Pilate, filled with rage, went outside of the prætorium, and said to them:  I take the sun to witness18181818    See Apost. Const., ii. 56.  At last he who is going to pronounce sentence of death upon the culprit raises his hands aloft, and takes the sun to witness that he is innocent of his blood. that I find no fault in this man.  The Jews answered and said to the procurator:  Unless this man were an evil-doer, we should not have delivered him to thee.  And Pilate said, Do you take him, and judge him according to your law.  The Jews said to Pilate:  It is not lawful for us to put any one to death.  Pilate said:  Has God said that you are not to put to death, but that I am?

And Pilate went again into the prætorium, and spoke to Jesus privately, and said to Him:  Art thou the king of the Jews?  Jesus answered Pilate:  Dost thou say this of thyself, or have others said it to thee of me?  Pilate answered Jesus:  Am I also a Jew?18191819    The full force of the expression is:  You do not mean to say that I too am a Jew?  Thy nation and the chief priests have given thee up to me.  What hast thou done?  Jesus answered:  My kingdom is not of this world; for if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight in order that I should not be given up to the Jews:  but now my kingdom is not from thence.  Pilate said to Him:  Art thou then a king?  Jesus answered him:  Thou sayest that I am a king.  Because for this have I been born, and have I come, in order that every one who is of the truth might hear my voice.  Pilate says to him:  What is truth?  Jesus says to him:  Truth is from heaven.  Pilate says:  Is truth not upon earth?  Jesus says to Pilate:  Thou seest how those who speak the truth are judged by those that have the power upon earth.

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